Bedbug Pest Control in Sydney

Bedbug Pest Control in Sydney
Bedbug Pest Control in Sydney

 Bedbugs, Sleep Easy!


Bedbug Pest Control in Sydney – Bedbugs are small, wingless insects found all over the world. They are nocturnal meaning they rest during the day and are active at night. Recent research has found bedbugs to be opportunistic and will bite in the day.

Bed bugs feed on human blood and prefer to hide in bedding and on mattresses where they have easy access to a food source.

They have developed mouth parts this how they can pierce the skin. It is important to remember that not everyone has a reaction to the bites but for others they can react with itchiness and swelling.

Bedugs can harbour diseases within their body however transmission to humans is unlikely.

What do bed bugs look like?

  • Wingless
  • Half a centimetre long
  • Flat, oval-shaped body
  • Six legs
  • Light brown in colour, changing to rust-red after a meal of blood
  • Large antennae
  • Large mouth parts (mandibles)
  • Can survive without feeding for months at a time

Do Bedbugs Prefer Human Blood?

Bedbugs basically live on blood. Human blood is preferred, but they will feed on other mammals if necessary.

Bed bugs are highly attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide that is expired in air, hence, which is how they find their host.

How do Bedbugs feed?

The bedbug’s feeding organ comes in forward and downward motion to pierce the skin . Their saliva, which contains an anticoagulant,  is injected into the skin which is the cause of the  allergic reaction in some people.

Bedbugs take around five to 10 minutes to feed. As the bedbug digests blood, their colour changes from light brown to rust-red.

Where do bedbugs live?

Bedbugs in infested properties can be found:

  • Mattresses, particularly along and under the seams
  • Bedding
  • Under loosened edges of wallpaper
  • Between the cracks of wooden floors
  • Wall cracks or crevices
  • Carpet
  • Furniture

Recognising a bedbug infestation 


Usually the initial signs that someone may have bedbugs in their home is the presence of bites. Pest Control Today recommends that you conduct a thorough inspection of your premises, concentrating on the common hiding spots.

You may find:

  • Live bedbugs – (they are often hard to see due to their size)
  • Blood staining on sheets or mattresses
  • Rusty or dark looking spots on mattresses, bedding or walls
  • An offensive, sweet, musty odour
Pest Control Today
Pest Control Today

Bedbug Pest Control in Sydney

If you have found an active bed bug infestation in your property you should hire an experienced  pest control operator who can  determine the extent of the infestation, and also guide you through the preparation steps required prior to a bed bug treatment.

Pest Control Today has found that customers who complete the preparation steps end up with better results.

A follow up treatment may be required to ensure complete eradication.

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Bedbugs in the work place

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Bedbugs in the workplace

Commercial Bed bug treatments Sydney

Commercial Bed Bug treatments Sydney


Have you found bedbugs in your workplace?


Commercial Bed bug treatments Sydney – Bedbug infestations are usually associated with premises where people sleep such as residential homes, units, university dorms, hotels etc.

Bedbug infestations can be found in non-residential sites including workplaces.

The information that follows are precautions to help protect the transportation of bedbugs from home to the workplace.

Are bedbugs an increasing problem in office buildings in Sydney?


In residential settings bed bugs can easily access sleeping areas however in the workplace there are no sleeping and resting areas to infest.

Instead they wander and spread around the office before anyone is aware of them, making early detection difficult.

In homes, bed bugs are typically most active at night.

However, in offices bed bugs are active at night at first, but since they cannot find food sources they often change their activity to daylight hours.

Although bed bug numbers tend to be low in offices, their population usually increases due to reintroduction rather than reproduction.

Commercial Bed bug treatments Sydney

Reduce the risk of Transporting Bed Bugs Home from the Workplace?


Bed bugs are known hitchhikers that can easily be transferred to new locations via:

  • Purses
  • Briefcases
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • & other items

Bed bugs are introduced to the workplace by employees, vendors, custodial staff, visitors & customers.

Pest Control Today recommends taking these precautions


  • Limit the number of items brought into and out of the workplace
  • Keep personal items off the floor
  • Hang bags, briefcases and coats from a door knob or hook
  • Eliminate office clutter
  • Avoid wearing pants with cuffs
  • Monitor the work area and personal items for bed bug activity.
  • Look for small black (faecal matter) or dark red (blood) stains
  • Look for both live and dead bed bugs.

active bedbug infestation  at your workplace?


  • Keep a change of clothes at work to avoid wearing work clothes home, in the car, or on the bus or train.
  • When changing clothes, put the clothes in a seal-able plastic bag.
  • inspect yourself and co-workers for bed bugs.
  • Check clothes, shoe treads, cuffs, pockets and collar.
  • Use a mirror to help look for bed bugs or eggs.

At home:


  • Remove your clothes before entering the home
  • Place the clothes in a separate bag
  • Keep clothes separate from the general laundry
  • Wash clothes at the hottest setting
  • Place the clothes in the clothes dryer & dry clothes on high heat
  • Keep clothes that require dry cleaning in a plastic sealable bags until dry cleaning.

What actions can employers take to Prevent Bed Bugs?


The presence of bed bugs in the workplace is a sensitive subject that involves:

  • Facilities
  • Human resources
  • Public relations
  • Risk management

Management should be educated about bed bugs & they should be familiar with the myths and misconceptions associated with bed bugs.

 Pest Control Today recommends that employers should:


  • Educate workers on how to prevent bed bugs or treat bed bugs.
  • Identify and inspect areas that are susceptible to bed bug infestations.
  • Remove clutter
  • minimise the storage of unnecessary items
  • Vacuum areas.
  • Seal cracks and crevices
  • Encourage employees to report bed bug sightings
  • Provide employees with an area to store personal items off the floor
  • Place monitoring devices (sticky traps or climbing deterrents) in areas of concern
  • Office furniture made from plastic, vinyl and metal surfaces are less appealing to bed bugs

There is no “one size fits all” bed bug program for offices & a customised treatment program that is designed to your needs which will include:


to determine the size and distribution of the bed bug problem in the building.


of furniture and structural conditions that can create bed bug hiding places


bed bug activity on a regular basis


keep accurate records of bed bug sightings


staff on bed bug prevention and identification


to affected areas


implementation of a routine sanitation program ensuring a clean and clutter free workplace

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Commercial Bed bug treatments Sydney

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Commercial Bed bug treatments Sydney