Is it time for a termite inspection?

Termite Inspections Sydney


Do you need a termite inspection?


Termites also known as white ants are small and a similar in size to ants. Due to their size and similarities to ants this can often lead to confusion. Knowing the difference between these two pests is a good starting point for identification.

Termites are secretive in nature which makes detection difficult to an untrained eye. Hence why people are more likely to spot the signs of termite damage rather than live termites.

Correct identification ensures the most effective treatment.  Allowing home or business owners to choose appropriate prevention steps.

Sydney Termite Inspections – Pest Control today have listed 5 reasons you could be due for a termite inspection.

Are you buying a new home?

Pre-Purchase termite inspections Sydney

Purchasing a new home or commercial property, it’s important to know as much as possible about the hidden conditions of the property.

A pre-purchase inspection by a qualified timber pest inspector can assist in identifying existing termite damage, current termite infestation and if the property falls into a high-risk category for termite invasion.

Was your last inspection conducted over 6 – 12 months ago?                           

*6 Months in high risk areas

Annual termite inspection Sydney – If  the last termite inspection was conducted over 12 months ago (or 6 months ago in high risk areas). Even if your property was found clear, it is now time to get another inspection done.

Even if the last inspection showed the property was clear of termites, do not let this give you a false sense of security as termites can attack at any time.

In Australia, termites present a real threat to homes and businesses and even if there are no visible signs of termite damage don’t wait until there is!

Are you seeing signs of a termite infestation?

Active Termite inspections Sydney  – Evidence of mud tunnels, discarded wings and other signs of termite damage can be worrying.  Any found evidence of possible termite damage one should not hesitate to contact a professional termite specialist.

Pest Control Today uses specialised tools n conjunction with our visible inspections to assess the extent of the termite damage and design a treatment plan specific to your needs. The sooner treatment is started the less damage the termites can continue to cause.

My neighbour has termites, does that mean I have them too?

Peace of mind termite inspections Sydney  – Contrary to a common myth that termites will escape one property and run to another when treatments start, it is still highly recommended a termite inspection is conducted.

Usually, if a neighbouring property has an active termite infestation the conditions in the area suit termites.

Prevention is always better than a cure!

Do you have a termite prevention system or have had a termite treatment conducted?

Termite Monitoring System Sydney – If your home has had termite prevention installed, such as Home-Guard or Term-Seal or you have had a termite treatment completed in the past, ongoing inspections are required to ensure the warranty is maintained. The recommended time frame for your termite inspection will be specified in the paperwork.

Is it time for your home to have a termite inspection?

Don’t wait!

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Termite Inspections Sydney

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