Decoration storage tips to prevent pests

Decoration storage tips

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While packing your holiday decorations away, there are a few thing you might want to do to make your home less attractive to household pests.

Following these tips could save you from a spider bite, a cockroach scare, or a family of rodents living in your storage areas.

Decoration storage tipsDiscard edible decorations.

If you created edible decorations with items such as popcorn or cranberries, consider lovingly putting it in the trash.

If the item has sentimental value, consider putting it in a zip-lock bag before you store it.

Food items lure in bugs and mammals that can smell items through the box.


Decoration storage tipsTree Storage

Any artificial tree, especially one that has had food decorations on it, shake it out thoroughly and vacuum it.

Store it in a plastic bag.

Trees retain smells that attract pests.


Decoration storage tipsDecoration Storage

Place all decorations in a plastic box with a tight-fitting lid.

Insects, rats & mice can chew through boxes and paper, and may nest in your holiday decorations.

Clean all plastic, metal and hard ornaments with an alcohol wipe or soapy water. This will make them less interesting to pests and preserve their appearance.

Wash all fabric decorations before storing them.

Decoration storage tipsStorage Areas

Keep all storage areas dry and well ventilated. This will make your home less attractive to pests and keep your decorations safe.

Bugs and rodents love a cluttered mess. Spiders make webs and lay eggs, mice build nests, and a whole host of other insects enjoy crawling around in the confined spaces.

Bugs don’t like wide open spaces. If your attic or basement is clean and orderly, you will give pests less of a reason to stay.

By following these tips, you can make your holiday keepsakes last longer, and keep them safe from pests.

Spiders, termites, rodents, and other pests get into attic spaces, cellar areas, and places that are undisturbed.

Proactive pest prevention is always better than a cure!

Stay safe, and stay vigilant, as you start the new year.

Decoration storage tips

Holiday Baking

Holiday Baking

Holiday Baking

Holiday Baking, no added pests!

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Pantry Pests Sydney - Pest Control Today

Around this time of year, no one is thinking about pantry pests. The lead up to the holidays keeps most people busy.

When you get to your holiday baking, the discovery of pantry pests could put a stop to your holiday baking plans!

What are pantry pests?

Pantry pests are pests that live in the dry goods in your pantry.

Where can pantry pests be found?

They can be found in your flour, baking mixes, sugar, dried legumes, dried pastas, pet food, bird seed and even just hanging out on your cupboard shelves.

How do pantry pests feed?

Some pantry pests are external feeders. They feed from the outside of the grain, while some are internal feeders that eat the grain from the inside out.

Some pantry pests are considered scavengers that feed on grain only after the seed coat has been broken by another insect or through milling and some are considered secondary feeders, feeding on damp products that may already be damaged through mould growth.

What are common pantry pests?

The common pantry pests that you may find in your home include the cigarette beetle, the confused flour beetle, the saw tooth grain beetle, and the Indian meal moth, and several different types of weevils.

Founpests in your pantry?

Finding pests in your cupboard can be upsetting especially if you’ve never seen them before.

At Pest Control Today, we want to offer you a few tips on what to do if you should find pantry pests in your cupboards this holiday season.

  1. Look through products in your cupboards for more pests. If you find any more bugs, dispose of the product containing the bugs into a plastic garbage bag and remove from your home.

2: If you don’t want to throw away infested products, you can do several things, including:

  • Heat the infested product in an oven at 130 degrees for 30 minutes. This should kill any bugs and their eggs.
  • Leave infested items in the freezer for 4 days
  • Microwave the product for 5 minutes
  1. Pull all food out of your cupboards and do a thorough cleaning of the cupboard space, including vacuuming shelves and washing them down

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Pantry Pests Sydney

Pest Control Today has the expertise, skills and superior equipment and chemicals to eradicate any pantry pest infestation.

Our professionals will not only remove any pest intruding into your home but with regular, routine visits, we can help hinder any unwanted pest from moving in into your home or business.