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Rats and mice usually more of an issue during the winter months, as the weather cools and the normal food source for the rats & mice become limited, they enter your home, looking for warmth and food.  However, in saying this, we have noticed a change in the behaviour and breeding of rats and mice where they are becoming more of an issue all year round. This has mainly pinned to the increase in construction in and around Sydney.

Rats & mice not only can contaminate food and utensil’s and can cause damage to your home or place of business to the structures and wires.

What damage can rats and mice do?

Rat Pest Control in Sydney


  • Cause damage to wiring
  • Can chew through floor joists and walls
  • Cause damage to insulation
  • Because rats burrow they can undermine hill sides & retaining walls

Mice Pest Control in Sydney


  • Unsanitary
  • Multiply quickly
  • Cause significant damage to your home
  • Contaminate food and other materials
  • Chewing mouthparts
  • Implicated in causing house fires

What are the warning signs of a rat or mouse problem?


Do I have Rats?

  • Scratching noises
  • Droppings
  • Distinctive smell
  • Damage
  • Ripped food packaging
  • Burrows

Do I have Mice?

  • Scratching noises
  • Droppings
  • Distinctive smell
  • Damage
  • Nests

What types of rats & Mice can be found in Sydney?


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How do pest control companies treat for a rat or mice infestation?


Pest Control Today uses baits to treat for rats and mice.

If the external areas or the area under the house is accessible to young children, pets such as cats, dogs or other animals (including wildlife) , to ensure a safe baiting method has been followed baits must to be placed in lockable bait stations to ensure their safety.

We treat

  • Sub floor
  • Roof
  • Internally

The most important issue being is the bait in a safe inaccessible area.

What is a lockable bait station?


Rodent Pest Control SydneyLockable bait stations are an effective tool for controlling rats and mice. They are boxes which are used in areas that are accessible to pets or children. Lockable boxes will be suggested for any external baiting in which dogs, cats, wildlife or children can access the areas needed to be baited.

Lockable baits stations are specifically designed to prevent unauthorised access to baits, to stop the bait spilling out, ‘crumbs’ being carried away or baits being pulled out by mice and rats.

What are the benefits of using a lockable bait station?


  • Baits are protected from dust & moisture
  • Provide a secure place for rats and mice to feed
  • Protect children, pets and wildlife away from baits
  • Allow for baiting in areas that would have been difficult without boxes (such as externally)
  • Prevent baits being spilt
  • Easy monitoring as technician can open boxes to examine the amount of feeding
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Allows safe baiting in public or food preparation areas
  • Safe for pets and humans

Can bait stations be used internally?


Yes! Lockable bait stations can be used internally if you are concerned about your child or pets getting into the baits. Internally baits are only placed in safe areas that are inaccessible to children or pets, however in some circumstances a lockable station may be suggested if for example there is an entrance point in a cupboard, pantry or an exposed wall cavity.


Pest Control Today SydneyEach property, building and location is different, a customised management solution should be designed to suit your specific needs.

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