Bird Lice

Bird Lice Pest Control Sydney

Bird Lice Pest Control Sydney

Need Pest Control For bird lice?


What are bird lice?


Bird lice are also known as bird mites and can be found anywhere where birds are kept and where birds have been nesting.  Issues mostly occur when the birds leave their nest the lice are forced to go in search of a new host.

They are common in spring and the early months of summer, as the seasons change, an increase in humidity provides ideal breeding conditions for the lice.

Bird Lice can move into living spaces in houses by climbing down walls, ceilings and bedding in search of their new host.

Bird Lice Pest Control Sydney

What do Bird Mites look like?


  • Less than 1 mm in length
  • 8 legs
  • Very mobile
  • Semi-transparent in colour until blood has been digested
  • reddish to blackish after feeding
  • Oval in shape with a sparse covering of short hair

Where can bird mites be found?


  • Around eaves and in chimneys
  • Inside roof cavities
  • Within wall spaces
  • In foundations and basements
  • Around porches
  • On window ledges

Bird Lice Pest Control Sydney

How do you get rid of bird lice?


There are 3 main components in eradicating bird lice from a residential or commercial property


Correctly identifying bird lice is important in determining how to control infestations. If bites are experienced, one consideration should be bird lice.

Location & Removal of the nest

The best approach for controlling a bird lice infestation is to locate and remove bird nests. In some cases, the nest cannot be reached due to the location inside the roof cavity.

If this is the case, the technician will discuss this further

Prevention and Eradication

Preventing birds from taking up home in the roof void is the best way to prevent bird lice.

Ensure any broken tiles are repaired and if there are any openings in eaves or roof cavities that these entrance points are blocked off.

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